It's Still The Cross is the latest release from Renewed Quarted. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or would like to purchase the album. Please enjoy the sample tracks below:

1. Hide Me, Rock of Ages

2. We Bless Your Name

3. The Day Before He Saved Me

4. That's Why I Love Him So

5. Since Jesus Moved In

6. How Big is God

7. Ol' Brother Noah

8. By Your Grace, For Your Glory

9. Pray For Me

10. It's Still The Cross

Date Location Time
March 1 Gospel Outreach Church, Kirksville, MO 7:00 pm
March 10 First Baptist Church, Queen City, MO 6:00 pm
March 24-28 First Baptist Church (Revival), Green City, MO 7:00 pm
June 23-28 Jesus in June Crusade, various churches in Putnam/Sullivan County 7:00 pm
July 19 Summer on the Square, Kirksville, MO 7:00 pm
Thanks for your support & prayers.