RENEWED has recorded only two CDs. The first one is entitled "I'm Not What I Was." Our latest is entitled "It's Still the Cross," and it is our hope that the message comes through loud and clear, that the cross of Jesus is the only source of true hope for our world. Thanks to all who have been so encouraging and have supported our ministry. We sincerely appreciate your friendship and desire your prayers.

- Blake, Tim, John, & Mel

Date Location Time
March 29 Memphis Community Theater, Memphis, MO 7:00 pm
April 21 Schuyler County Church of Faith, Lancaster, MO 6:00 pm
May 6 & 7 Open Arms Baptist Church (Revival), Macon, MO 7:00 pm
May 20 First Baptist Church, Wyaconda, MO 7:00 pm
June 22 Summer on the Square, Kirksville, MO 7:00 pm
June 24 - 29 Jesus in June, Putnam & Sullivan County churches 7:00 pm
Thanks for your support & prayers.