Never let it be said that we don't take our time in getting things done. Several have asked about a new CD, and we were finally able to get another one completed. It is entitled "It's Still the Cross", and it is our hope that the message comes through loud and clear, that the cross of Jesus is the only source of true hope for our world. Thanks to all who have been so encouraging and have supported our ministry. We sincerely appreciate your friendship and desire your prayers.

Blake, Tim, John, & Mel

Date Location Time
August 20 Milan United Methodist Pork-Tacular 5-7 p
September 23 Kirksville Motors Customer Appreciation Days 12-2 p
September 24 Illinois Bend Community Church so. of Kirksville on Hwy 3 1:30 p
October 1 Pleasant Ridge Christian west of Greensburg, MO on Hwy C 6:30 p
November 4 Hurdland Baptist, Hurdland, MO 7:30 p
Thanks for your support & prayers.